Welcome Beautiful Girl!

The auditions get you one step closer to becoming a finalist of Miss India Indonesia!

Please Ensure You Carry The Following Documents With You To The Auditions:

- A copy of the Registration form printout that you filled
- Three colored photographs of you - Full Length, Half Body & Close Up head shot, for documentation
- A photocopy of a residential permit/citizenship
- Transfer/Deposit slip of the Registration fees, for documentation
- A front page passport photocopy. This is to confirm your ability to travel to the next Miss India Worldwide Pageant, if selected as a winner of Miss India Indonesia

Attire For Auditions:

- You must wear casual blue jeans and a white top for the auditions, as standard attire
- Footwear must have heels
- Basic make-up is also required This is for your picture that will be taken as part of the audition session

Audition Segment:

- Briefing Session
- Introduction Round
- Basic Catwalk: This is only to see your ability as a beginner. You will be trained for the main pageant
- Photograph Booth: Individual portraits of you for insertion in our website
- Simultaneous sub-contests for:

          - Miss Beautiful Hair
          - Miss Beautiful Smile
          - Miss Graceful
          - Miss Photogenic
          - Miss Talented (Chosen at the talent session)